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The 15th International Villemomble Tournament is looking for its referees

You are an International, National or District fencing referee, you are free on Saturday 13 Octobre 2018 (Epee) and/or on Sunday 14 Octobre 2018 (Foil) and you want to participate to a friendly international fencing competition? The 15th Tournoi de Villemomble is made for you!

The International Villemomble Tournament is the biggest integrative fencing competition with disabled and valid people in Europe. All matches are in wheelchair.

Location: Complex Delouvrier - 33 to 35 route de Noisy - 93250 Villemomble France
Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Payment per day: 85€ for an International referee, 75€ for a National referee and 60€ for a District referee. Meal Ticket for lunch. Transport and lodging not covered.

Contact: Christophe CONVERT:


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